The Ross Family is the family that Jessie babysits for, before her acting career.


Picture Name
Morganross Morgan Ross
Morgan Ross is the father of the Ross Family Children and the husband to Christina Ross.
Christinaross Christina Ross
Christina Ross is the mother of the Ross Family Children and the wife to Morgan Ross.


Picture Name Birthplace
Emmaross Emma Ross New York City
Emma Ross is the eldest of the family. She is born from New York City to Morgan and Christina Ross. She is the only biological child of Morgan and Christina Ross.
Lukeross Luke Ross Detroit, Michigan
Luke Ross is the second-eldest child of the Ross Family. He believes he was born from Krypton (Morgan Ross told him he was), but was actually born from Detroit, Michigan. He is the eldest adoptive child.
Raviross Ravi Ross India
Ravi is the second-to-last youngest child to Morgan and Christina Ross. He was an orphan and thus, sent to the orphanage. He was adopted from India. Morgan and Christina thought he was a baby, since his birth certificate had a typo.
Zuriross Zuri Ross Uganda, Africa
Zuri Ross is the youngest child of Morgan and Christina Ross. She was adopted from Uganda, Africa.
Mrskipling Mrs. Kipling India
Mrs. Kipling is a lizard and the pet of Ravi Ross, who considers Mrs. Kipling his daughter.

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