I'm just like Taylor Swift!
— "Why Do Foils Fall In Love?"

Jessica "Jessie" Marie Prescott is the main protagonist of the Disney Channel sitcom series, JESSIE. She is the second nanny of the Ross Family. She is currently an actress in Hollywood. After achieving her dream to become an actress, she moved to Los Angeles and starred in films and shows.



Jessie loves to make jokes and is constantly weird, but she is also protective of the Ross Family. When it comes to acting, she thinks nothing can stop her, and when someone takes her part, she gets angry and bitter, as confirmed in "Cattle Calls and Scary Walls" and "Ride to Riches". Jessie is sweet and has a creative mind, however, some people don't admire those traits that she has. 


She has wavy hair, with the colour between auburn and bright red. She has amber eyes and fair skin.

In "The Jessie-Nator: Grudgement Day", 80-year old Jessie has a few white streaks in her hair, since she is already in her 80s. It is also confirmed she is 19 years old currently.


Jessie has dreamed of being an actress and has auditioned many times but failed.



She is the daughter of D.W. Prescott. Her mother is deceased, so J.W. Prescott remarried into the Shannon Family (he married Colonel Shannon). Thus, Darla and Caleb Shannon are Jessie's step-siblings. 


Ross Family

She was their nanny for four years, then moved to Los Angeles. Luke had a major crush on her. 

Bertram Winkle

Bertram has sarcastically replied to Jessie's questions and had been rude to her many times, but Jessie kept her confidence in him, and told the kids to give him back his privacy until Emma convinced Jessie. 

Shaylee Michaels

Jessie is best friends with Shaylee and they were in a movie/show together. However, when Shaylee got her part, Jessie became bitter towards her, but forgave her.


Jessie despises Vincent Liotta and Brody Winton.